Recall Shelby Co. District Attorney Amy Weirich

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Fergus Nolan
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Martavious Banks was shot and grievously wounded by MPD officer Jamarcus Jeames, for an alleged traffic offense, while several officers at the scene had their body cams and dash cams turned off.

On May 10th 2019, the District Attorney, Amy Weirich, declined to indict any of the officers responsible for the assault.

The previous day, Martavious Banks was indicted by the same DA's office, on charges of evading arrest, reckless driving, unlawful possession of a weapon, and driving without a license. His parole was also revoked, and Martavious Banks has been forced to defend his case from the County Jail.

This reversal of justice is an outrageous miscarriage. To punish the victim and allow the perpetrators, whose actions in turning off their body cams signified premeditated guilt, to escape scot-free, is an obscenity.

Amy Weirich's office has engaged in malpractice, convicting the innocent and acting as prosecutorial hammers by hiding exculpatory evidence, using inappropriate epithets in court, manufacturing evidence, altering records and suborning perjury from paid informants.

Amy Weirich must be recalled so that justice can be re-established in Shelby County.  More at the Prosecutors!!! page