Shut down whiteville correctional facility, charge kenterio poplar #exposeCoreCivic

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On May 3rd 2019, Dameion Nolan was asleep in his prison cell when a corrupt correctional officer Kenterio Poplar at Whiteville correctional facility agreed to let 3 guys into Nolan’s Cell. They preceded to rob and stab Dameion resulting in his tragic death. Since then Nolan’s family has reached out to everyone possible to try figure out how this was allowed to happen and seek justice for their loved one. Core civic prisons have been known to sweep these things under a rug to cover up the corruption within their prisons. Core Civic’s own employee Kenterio Poplar has not been held accountable for the part he played. This is one of many incidents that have happened within Core Civic prisons and the people in power continue to look the other way. Families are being torn apart due negligence of Core Civic and their employees. Whiteville correctional facility SHAME ON YOU. We Are  Justice for all the victims. We also want this unsafe facility shut down permanently.

Kenterio Poplar should be held accountable, his only punishment was being fired. He is the reason Dameion is dead today, he knew the men who killed Damien were out of place they were not housed in the same unit as Dameion, but yet and still they were allowed on that side of the prison. He needs to have the appropriate charges filed by the D.A. office not just a slap on the wrist.  He was seen conversing with one of the men responsible for killing Damien for 30 minutes in the control booth prior to Dameion’s murder. There is video footage of the incident and the family is being told a lawyer has to request the video footage. After 90 days the footage will disappear. We are asking you to sign this petition to say Enough is Enough! Stop The Cover Up! Charge The Officer Involved! Save The Video Footage! Close Core Civic!