Change Tennents packaging to recyclable cardboard to cut down on plastic waste

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We live in an age where we must make more effort to cut down on plastic waste and use biodegradable alternatives to improve the environment.

Each year we move closer towards a more sustainable environment on earth by using wind and solar energy, by driving electric cars to reduce CO2 emissions, by reducing our food wastage and recycling used products to prevent unnecessary manufacturing.

The biggest issue that we currently fall short on, is abolishing single-use plastics  - disposable plastics that are used only once before they are thrown away to become landfill or be dropped into the ocean through lack of care thus introduce micro molecules of plastic to be eaten by sea creatures which we end up eating (see, as well as kill animals such as whales through failed ingestion (as described in

Tennents is Scotland's favorite drink, according to a study by ( 540,625,000 litres of tennents was sold in 2018, that is the equivalent to 1,228,693,181 cans or 122,869,318 10xtin packs. Although not all of this will be plastic packaged, it allows us to imagine the amount of single-use plastic wrappers which must circulate each year, and considering that these could be replaced by recyclable cardboard containers (such as what brands such as Fosters use), then the reader may begin to see where my stance originates from.

I do understand that there are a lot of financial repercussions for these changes such as modifying and replacing manufacturing machinery on a great scale, these are what I assume slows most businesses down when it comes to making these changes. But I simply want the brand to recognize the issue and take the initiative that we should be taking, and take the time required to make these changes.

Lets make Scotland as green as can be.