Shocking Tendring council turns their backs on recyclable plastics. Will you?

Shocking Tendring council turns their backs on recyclable plastics. Will you?

6 October 2020
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Tendring council
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Why this petition matters

Started by Fiona Turrell

I am here to express my growing concerns over the unacceptable plastic recycling system currently in operation in Tendring.

Only 27% of our household waste is currently being recycled. We own the title of the worst in Essex!

Every time you throw a yogurt pot or food container in your black bin it doesn't magically disappear. Its going straight into our land. Into our children's future don't we want a healthy livable planet for them?!

For those that don't put too much thought into their recycling, how are you getting on with your black bin only being emptied every two weeks? It must be breaking the rules of being over filled? possibly attracting vermin? 

It is predicted to cost our council £820,000 a year to recycle all plastics. With our population at 146,600 half of which are working aged adults. That's £10 extra a year pp. Just £10 to make you a super hero.

How is it that in 2020 with our planet in a climate emergency is this expectable?

Colchester council have a  great recycling system so why don't we?

I've reached out to our local councilor Neil Stock. I know this issue has been brought to the councils attention on several  occasions since dramatically reducing their recycling of house hold waste in 2012.

8 years later how is our community feeling about our environmental foot print?

Please get involved by signing, sharing and talking about this petition. Its too easy to ignore this everyday problem.

Lets stand up and make our voices heard, together.

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Signatures: 174Next Goal: 200
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