Tencent needs to wake up!

Tencent needs to wake up!

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Mahammad Ahmed started this petition to Tencent

We need to come together as a community and stand against Tencent's chaos that is slowly killing Pubg Mobile.

First of, optimization:

-Android optimization is horrible to the point where it's embarrassing to own a £900 Android. An iPhone 5s, a phone from 2013 can open and start the pubg app at least 3x faster than a Samsung Galaxy S10, why? Because of optimization, we understand Android is a massive huge platform where there are many types of Android phones from American to British to Chinese phones. But can you please at least start to progress or show a sign of progression by at least optimization phones such as Samsung Galaxy lineup or the Google Pixel or even OnePlus which all have simple lineups. For instance, Samsung Galaxy phones are Samsung S8/+, Samsung Note 8, Samsung S9/+, Samsung Note 9, Samsung S10e, Samsung S10/+. These lineups are not that much so can you please start to progress on Samsung and make Samsung or Pixel phones start the game as fast as an iPhone 5s from 2013, also iPhones can enter matches much quicker, my friend who has iPhone 8 plus is always number 1 in games, why? Optimization whereas my S9+ is usually number 2 or 3.

-Continuing on for optimization, there are 2 versions of PUBG Mobile, TIMI and Lightspeed versions. Let me educate you on the differences of both and these are FACTS, Lightspeed version only cares about money, they want to empty your wallets as much as possible, they only care a bit about the gaming experience, example can be, it's 0.11 and there is still no Windows added to the game, although I'm not a huge fan of Windows, it just shows how slow they are progressing, they just keep adding and adding sexually appealing female clothes. 


The experience of TIMI is very close to the experience you find in PUBG PC. TIMI has managed to achieve HD pc like graphics as well as 60fps at the same time, whereas, on lightspeed version, you can only achieve 60fps on smooth settings. TIMI version has nice and smooth scoping animations just like pc version and many more. 

The community has asked to get rid of limited time clothes, skins, items, Tencent has replied and said "they are working on it", yes they did provide options such as silver fragments for dismantling items but that doesn't mean it should stay. There are posts such as https://goo.gl/MweZwt where it shows for spending UC, actual real money, not BP or anything else, you get an orange scar skin, for 30 UC that sounds like a decent offer until you see it is a limited time 7-day skin, not 30 days, not 2 months but 7-days for spending 30UC, that is literal insult to the community, spending real money and in return a short period of 7 days for a trash skin. The game heavily relies on sexually appealing female clothes, in 0.10 update, they had brought out countless of sexually appealing loading screens, the community has addressed this as ridiculous and inappropriate, what did Tencent do? Add more, because they are listening to the community feedback. In a Reddit post: https://goo.gl/GfoDgh You can see that Tencent is offering items for £46.99, as if they haven't scammed enough people from the "rigged" crates that has a 0.3% chance of getting mythic item, they have switched to other methods of monetization...£46.99 for a f*cking mobile game, not a PC game, not a console game, but for a f*cking mobile game that could literally die in 1 or 2 years.

Additionally back in season 2/season 3, the community had a chance to get really nice items, if you open crates now, you will literally find school shoes or glasses to the point it has become a meme and Tencent are embracing it, do they not feel the heat from the community about jokes such as the crates being rigged or getting school shoes?

(Addressing Most of the Bugs)

0.10 has brought chaos to the game, the game is unplayable for some players, but Tencent said "is that not enough?" and they said f*ck all and brought out 0.11 and essentially just killed the game. 

Frame drops since 0.10 and became worse thanks to 0.11, clips such as https://goo.gl/Wza41t Sometimes the game completely freezes when there is a plane on top or red zone or something simple as opening the map can cause frame drops.

There have been times when I was getting 30fps, checked this by using FPS counter. It gives 30 fps even though I am set to extreme and of course auto-adjust graphics is off.

Ping spikes from 20 to 150 or more, source: https://goo.gl/1JANAr

Uncontrollable cars, ever since 0.10, there have been a small number of cars that skids very easily when turning and is very sensitive, it is as if the brakes are locking whilst driving and that is what is making it skid, it's annoying. 

To this day, it has been many days since 0.11 first arrived, classic voice Enemies ahead and classic voice I got supplies still does not work, why? Because Tencent is sitting down, eating donuts and simply not caring about the game.

Hackers. We should call them cheaters because hackers are respected, educated smart people whereas cheaters are low life uneducated scums who clearly has nothing to do with their life and clearly bored. Cheaters such as 'Yamraj' has existed in the game for a while, Tencent has not addressed this issue nor taken action against cheaters. 

Laggy enemies, which jumps to 5 meters or more (sometimes they able to teleport)

Hitboxes (often the game does not count headshots), especially with AWM and Kar98K. 

Recently there has been big bodies of other players or giant head in the sky.

Lastly, huge desyncs, literally being shot through trees at this point with 20ms ping.

We must come together as a community and speak against Tencent, speak against on their Reddit page and especially their Twitter, Twitter's top liked comment is usually making fun on Tencent for the lag or making fun of them for School shoes in crates.

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