Make Rent Relief Easier to Receive!

Make Rent Relief Easier to Receive!

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Started by TOLA Standards

Make Rent Reief Easier to Apply for and Receive. Tenants, home owners and landlords need to work together to fix the broken rent relief system by signing the petition. 

15 Million people are at risk of eviction. Less than 10% of the 45 Billion  for rent relief has been  spent. The broken rent relief system need to be fixed or replaced and all rental arrears need to be paid  by 12/31/2021. 

We propose creating a new Centralized System to apply for and distribute rent relief. This system should be designed by a private sector company like Amazon or PayPal. Both companies are efficient and easy to use.  

State & Local Governments have been slow to pay rental arrears. Their rent reief systems are cumbersome and glitchy.   This is increasing tension between landlords and tenants. 

What’s next:

1.Fix or build a simple user friendly rent relief system. Make it easier to apply and receive payments.

2. Enforce the warranty of Habitability and make sure all future rental payments go to people living in safe housing. Make grants available for home repairs in exchange for keeping the rent affordable.    

   3.Educate tenants, homeowners and landlords on their housing rights, responsibilities and available resources. @TolaStandards.      

  4. Have housing court, local housing agencies assist with rent relief.

5.Make all future rent payments on time.    
6.End the eviction moratorium on Federal, State, Local levels.

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10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!