Keep Aramark OFF Campus!

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Starting in the fall of 2017, Temple University's dining hall will no longer be contracted by Sodexo. Temple University leadership recently decided to sign a 15 year contract with Aramark, a company that is currently entrenched in an animal cruelty scandal for sourcing chickens from cruel and unsustainable factory farms.

Despite outcry from thousands of students and concerned animal lovers, Aramark continues to source chicken from some of the worst factory farms. Packed in dark windowless sheds and forced to stand in their own waste, chickens raised on these farms are essentially treated like commodities instead of living sentient creatures.

In addition to their nightmarish living conditions, the chickens in Aramark’s supply chain are bred to grow abnormally large over a very short period of time. The speed at which they grow causes the chickens to suffer from a number of horrible ailments including heart attacks, organ failure, and broken limbs. Many of these crippled birds die from hunger or thirst, sitting inches from water and food that they were unable to reach.

Temple’s decision to contract with Aramark even in the midst a national public scandal is unethical and unsettling. Temple students deserve better!

If Temple University really wants to be an “incubator for tomorrow's leaders” then it needs to end its partnership with companies like Aramark that are clearly stuck in the past. Please join me in signing this petition urging our leadership to cancel its recent contract with Aramark. Let’s keep Aramark OFF our campus!

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