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Better Crowd Control at Banke Bihariji Temple in Vrindavan.

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There are thousands of Shri Krishna devotees who throng to Shri Banke BihariJi Temple to get lost in the devotion and bhakti. They come from places near and far just to get a glimpse. They are old, they are young, they are children, they are middle aged no matter what age everybody comes here to get one glimpse of his beauty.

The problem arises especially on festival days and auspicious days like ekadashi, poornamasi etc. when the devotees coming for darshan increase in number. There is lot of pushing and pulling happening inside the temple premises. Due to bad crowd management practices even standing beside our dear lord there is no peace and happiness to be found as the crowd just pushes everything and suffocates the devotion leaving the devotees breathless and frustrated. 

The suffocating crowded situations can get very dangerous very fast especially for the old and the young children. There is a belief that Bihariji will take care but even God helps those whi help themselves. Guards standing in the balconies above with loudspeakers in hand will not be able to prevent any stampede or control the crowd.

Need of the hour is good crowd management practices Tirupati temple in south India gives a good example which handles lakhs of visitors without breaking sweat. A crowd of few thousand devotees can easily be managed at Banke Bihariji Temple if the administration puts some effort into it.

This petition is a step to create a safe environment for the young, the old and everyone else to have a good spiritual experience at Bihari Ji Temple.

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