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With ongoing budget cuts and shocking provisions to mental health services, caregiving from everyday people is more essential than ever. Help us address an educational issue; people need to know what a powerful difference they can make in the lives of others and where to start.

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MENTAL SHIFT: Documentary Web Series

A former police officer investigates mental health and learns there are three sides to every story: the victim, the affected, and the stigma.

Masses of people move hurriedly through Toronto’s Lakeshore, trying desperately to avoid traffic, litter, and eye contact with a homeless man. Now resting, one such homeless man’s aloof gaze meets the eyes of a tall man in a dark-suit. It’s Matthew Sauvé, a former police officer and emergency care professional. Sauvé offers him a rare opportunity; to share his story with people willing to listen.

Sauvé hands the homeless man a journal, pen, and disposable camera, promising to return a month from the day with $400 in exchange for a full journal and camera roll documenting his daily experiences.

In this 6 episode documentary stand alone web-series, we follow Matthew Sauvé as he gives those struggling with daily living an opportunity to be heard, both by caregivers and those who have the power to help, but are passively or actively disconcerted.

Throughout the series, Sauvé examines various cases including those of a man with severe anxiety amplified by his fiancées suicide, the acceptance and identity issues surrounding LGBTQ communities, healthcare professionals who have been depressed or suicidal, and high school students who feel immeasurably pressured by social media expectations of living.

Download the creative brief with actor info and full episode descriptions