Stop Telstra putting a Mobile Base Station near Castelnau Park & Caringbah Primary School

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Telstra is going to place a mobile base station in Castelnau Street, Caringbah South outside residential homes, directly in line with a child’s bedroom and near 5 people in remission from cancer. These base stations emit EMR waves for 500m and will be within 500m of Caringbah Primary School, Laguna St Primary school, 10 local shops, the popular Castelnau Street Children's playground and park and 100 homes
Move the base station away from families, children, schools, shops and the popular Castelnau Street Children's park and playground.

Personal story
A group of  Castelnau Street residents are fighting Telstra to stop this installation join us in the fight and stop Telstra putting mobile base stations outside family homes and away from the popular Castelnau Street playground and park.