Stop Telstra Installing a 5G Base Station in Engadine near houses, oval and Public school

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Telstra is placing a 5G mobile base station on Croston Rd, Engadine. It will be located directly outside residential homes as close as 15 metres, directly in line with many young vulnerable children's bedrooms, near several people in remission from cancer and individuals with chronic diseases. These base stations emit EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) waves estimated at 500m radius. Research is now showing that this radiation will make people chronically sick. Predicted adverse effects of this radiation will include cancer, infertility, cardiac irregularities and various neurological malfunctions. WHO has classified EMFs as a Group 2B carcinogen!

This will encompass over 100's of homes, local shops and businesses, Marton Soccer Oval including Marton Public School. 

Don't put 5G towers within 500m of any residential areas!

Personal Story:
A community of residents, on Croston Road and its surrounding area are fighting Telstra to stop this installation. Join us in the fight and stop Telstra putting the 5G mobile base stations outside family homes and away from local shops, businesses, Marton Soccer Oval including Marton Public School.

Engadine is enveloped by natural surroundings, this type of technology harms ALL biologicals - native animals (our pets), fauna, birds, bees, trees and US!!!

We must come together as a Sutherland Shire Community and stop these large Telecommunication Companies from being able to put radiation emitting equipment anywhere they choose in the Sutherland Shire. People Power is the only way to stop this. Please support this critical cause.