Stop Telstra base station in Yeronga

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Telstra wants to install a mobile base station on a utility pole in Orcades Rd, Yeronga (site 4104005). We are opposed to this proposal for the reasons given below, and we ask Telstra to abandon their plan.


1.     Telstra has provided insufficient justification for the installation. The area is already well covered by the 4GX band and the proposed installation does not add any new capabilities. The proposal claims there are no existing facilities in Yeronga or its surrounds, but this is demonstrably untrue. A Telstra base station is located at 95-103 Hyde Road and there are others in Yeerongpilly, Fairfield, and St. Lucia.

 2.     Telstra has not fulfilled their obligation to minimise the impact of its facilities on communities by considering co-location or upgrading existing sites. The Consultation Plan indicates no consideration of these options. It also does not mention consideration of other sites, nor the reasons for selecting the chosen site. This is a failure to adhere to industry code C564:2011 Mobile Phone Base Station.

 3.     Multiple studies indicate that proximity to a base station can lower property values by as much as 30%.[i]

 4.     The consultation process has been flawed and has not adhered to the industry code. In particular, the Environmental EME Report does not contain the following required elements:

  • Existing radiation levels in the area, and cumulative radiation levels at the site
  • Calculated EME levels at areas of interest: St. Sebastian's Primary School is not identified despite being less than 500m from the proposed tower
  • Consideration of other sites and co-location, as noted in item 2 above.
  • Documentation of the site selection and evaluation criteria
  • 15 business days for community consultation

 5.     There remain many unanswered questions regarding the health impact of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. Because of this, the World Health Organisation classified EMR as Group 2B, a possible human carcinogen, in 2011. Moreover:

  • The Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe considered that biological effects on the human body may exist even at levels below the current official safety limits.[ii]
  • Scientists and doctors worldwide have urgently called for much stricter EMR standards, as more emerging evidence points to serious health risks of EMR, including cancer and neurological disorders.[iii]
  • Some of the most recent research, conducted with the benefit of many years of evidence, suggests there is sufficient evidence to upgrade the World Health Organisation’s classification of EMR to Group 1, a human carcinogen.[iv]
  • A review of epidemiological studies on populations living near mobile phone base stations found that in 80% of the studies, people living within 500m of base stations had an increased prevalence of adverse neuro‐behavioural symptoms and cancer.[v]

[i] Rajapaksa et al. The impact of cell phone towers on house prices: evidence from Brisbane, Australia. Environ Econ Policy Stud (2018) 20: 211 and Sandy Bond (2007) Cell Phone Tower Proximity Impacts on House Prices: A New Zealand Case Study, Pacific Rim Property Research Journal, 13:1, 63-91.

[ii] Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Resolution No. 1815, May 2011.

[iii] International Scientists Declaration, 9 July, 2014; Seletun Scientific Panel, Norway, 2010; The Venice Resolution, 6 June, 2008.

[iv] Hardell et al., Radiofrequency radiation from nearby base stations gives high levels in an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden: A case report, Sweden, 2018.

[v] Khurana et al., Epidemiological evidence for a health risk from mobile phone base stations. Int J Occup Environ Health. 2010 Jul-Sep; 16(3): 263-7.

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