Stop Ignoring Point Cook's Velocity Communities – Fix our Internet

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Telstra has installed numerous 'Velocity Smart Communities' all over Point Cook over the years. This was to be an asset to allow Fibre-to-the-Premises technology and for some of the best internet available. 10 years later, this technology is now a hindrance. With FTTP is still the best option, Telstra will not allow Smart Community residents any choices with their provider through these services. They advertise 30 down/1 up as a standard speed, with 'plus' speeds at 50/5. 'Plus' and 'Speed Boost' have been discontinued due to Telstra's inability to provide these speeds, despite charging for them.

The NBN has recently come through Point Cook, delivering most of our neighbours with FTTP or FTTC and a plethora of choices in providers and speeds, while hopping over the Smart Communities - leaving us with Telstra or nothing, and speeds from Telstra at 'whatever you get'. We're paying for 30/1 and the fine print says they only guarantee up to 10 down. How is this 'adequate' to the NBN? Because they're still classing us as if they provide 30/1 and 50/1 - and that's not what most of us get.

On 23 Apr 2018, Telstra announced it was raising baseline speeds for cable broadband and NBN customers from 30/1 to 50/5. This did not affect Velocity customers, who were left behind due to Telstra not classing Velocity as 'cable' in this instance. Because Velocity was a legacy product at this stage and not worth the incentive.

After speaking with numerous representatives and technical support managers, they've advised me today, 8 Feb 2019, that they've been aware of severe congestion in the Point Cook Velocity Smart Communities and planned to upgrade them in 2015. This upgrade never happened and is still on their 'to-do' list according to the rep, and likely to never happen at the current rate. Due to the legacy of Smart Communities, having been all but discontinued, residents like myself and many many others are locked into services that are unusable, slow, unstable, and inconsistent - and not allowed to connect to the NBN or take on any other fibre providers.

We're essentially being held hostage by Telstra and told that we get the speeds we're given or we can not have internet. I'm asking all Smart Community residents and customers to sign this to draw attention to Telstra, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, and the ACCC, to ask that they either:

  • Upgrade the Telstra Velocity Infrastructure BEFORE NBN's planned roll out of July 2020
  • Integrate the Telstra Velocity Infrastructure to the NBN
  • Raise speeds to be competitive to the NBN since there's already a fibre network in place that is SEVERELY under utilised
  • Declassify Smart Communities as 'adequately served' in the eyes of the NBN, raising our roll-out priority to urgent