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Telstra: Stand up for Australia Day!

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Telstra is a major client of the Loud and Clear Digital Agency. This agency has been publicly vocal about the "Change the Date" movement and encourages it's staff to "Join us and take a stand" against Australia Day.

According to a Guardian Essential Poll conducted in late 2017, a majority of Australians want the date to stay and over 70 percent of Australians support Australia Day as a day of unity and celebration for all Australians including the indigenous.

While we can remember our past tragedies, we also choose to celebrate the many great triumphs together and the truly great country we have built together since the 26 January 1788. Governor Arthur Phillip honored Woollarawarre Bennelong with a home on Bennelong point, the current site of the Sydney Opera House, many towns and features across this land seek to honor the proud indigenous contributions to our shared history.

We are not racist, xenophobic or bigoted. We count in our ranks a growing number of high profile and successful indigenous Australians that believe the date of European arrival can be one of unity and celebration between all Australians, if not for the destructive agenda of many who seek to divide us as a nation and a people.

As a digital agency working for large clients, Loud and Clear has little public reputation to protect and in order to defend the views of the Australian people we call upon Telstra to join us and take a stand for Australia day. Pressure this agency to support national unity and celebration and not divisive and destructive agendas.

Many Australians support Telstra, we support it through our telephone and internet subscriptions. We support it through our capital and labor. We support Telstra as the largest Australian Telecommunications provider but we have many other options.

We can choose other phone and internet providers for our families and we can choose other companies for our capital and labor. Telstra, support Australia by supporting a united not divided Australia day.

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