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Telstra: Fix your customer service and fix your processes.. Each hurdle I encountered resulted in me joining the back of another queue and moving further away from moving to Telstra providing what...

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My recent experience with the telecommunications giant has been going on for one month now, and consisted primarily of lies, contradictions, and broken promises. An ADSL connection is perhaps one of the simplist things Telstra can provide - yet obviously even that is too hard.

I am starting this petition to to seek support from you by sharing your experiences with Telstra.

I am not alone.  I help pensioners with their computer problems, and their experiences are also negative.

Pensioner #1 - Paid over $6000 in 12 months in phone calls.  He was hard of hearing, and was not aware of bundles and options.  Going onto a bundle has saved $300 per month.

Pensioner #2 - Joined on bundle which included home line rental.  For the first 4 months, the bill showed he was charged the home line rental twice - once as part of the bundle, and again as a seperate line item.

Other people I have spoken to have repeated similar horror stories, all with similar themes including "sorry", and "we'll provide feedback", or "we'll fix that" - and the problems continue.


My experience with Telstra is worse:

- Start Oct 2013 - Signed up for NBN, was lead to believe it's fiber optic, but infact wireless.  I live in a mountain range - had I known it was ONLY fixed wireless I would not have signed up. Told around 3 weeks for NBN. 

- So now I've signed up for NBN which is future proof myself, and faster.  But I'll be moving from ADSL 2+ (I get 15 Mb/s) to maximum 11 Mb/s - as speed boost (25 Mb/s) is not available.

- Confirmed with 24x7 live chat - "I need fixed IP - can I have that?", reply was "it's part of the NBN."  Not exactly, it's an option you can have - and costs extra.  But never told it was extra.

- Confirmed with the same 24x7 live chat if the transcript will be emailled to me, lucky I printed it, because it was not. 

- Told early December is the 1st available appointment.  That's nearly 9 weeks.  Tried to move ADSL from another provider but rep had trouble cancelling NBN order. 

- 7 Oct - A new date of 18 Oct magically appeared as free for NBN appointment.  So took that date.

- 15 Oct - rang Telstra to check NBN appointment still ok.  Appointment was cancelled (but they didn't bother to tell me, nor book again).

- Told to wait 5 days for Telstra back-end to join my two accounts together, nothing can be done until then.

- 21 Oct - Received 2 SMS messages indicating that a mobile phone was being sent to me.  That's odd.  Didn't sign up for a mobile, but they sending me two!!

- Organised ADSL churn to occur on 23 Oct, and do NBN later.

- Initially told wireless  speed boost is NOT AVAILABLE, which I have since been told is incorrect, as it is available.

- 23rd Oct churn failed because Telstra said that provider does not support rapid tranfer.  But Telstra wholesale document dated Sep 2013 indicates they do, as does my current provider.

- Told to wait 5 days for order to be cancelled, so it can be asked for again.

- Requested Telstra to move faster.  Cannot be done, must wait 5 days. 

- Requested Telstra to determine why order failed, so when the 5 day wait is over, order can progress.  Told yes.  Should be ok.  We can do that for you to make sure it's done.

- 28 Oct raised complaint within Telstra. 

- 29 Oct told by Telstra they DONT support rapid transfer with my current provider.  Told them of the information from Telstra wholesale, and my current provider indicating that an agreement IS in place, and it is possible.  Verbally told  information IS correct, but NO they cannot.

- Promised call backs - not received.

- Called back to complaints - Attitude from rep was why are you calling?

- Called complaints again, asked to speak to a different rep. Too busy to take call.  (Because too many complaints to deal with?) Promised call back by the end of the day.  No call back.

- Esclated to TIO


 Calls to Telstra now are NOT put though to a survey at the end to provide feedback.  Guess they already know what I'll rate them.

I live by a simple rule.  My boss doesn't pay my wages - my customers do. My boss is responsible to re-distribute some of the money from the customer to me.  Without the customer, there is no share holders, and no business, and therefore no job for me.....

Share your story here so we can force Telstra to take notice of their customers, and fix their customer service.

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