Better internet in Australia

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Throughout Australia, 21,176,595 Australians suffer from some of the slowest and
worst quality of internet speeds in the world. With constant dropouts, a lack of modernisation in Australian internet and a monopoly of service providers such as Telstra, iiNet and TPG preventing low prices for such low quality internet speeds. It’s complete madness in Australia. Slow internet causes major issues including lag (prevents stable gaming), constant dropouts (internet becomes unusable) and incredibly agonizingly slow loading times for YouTube and other trivial websites, sometimes even connecting to the service provider’s website is impossible! Terrible internet in Australia must be stopped.

Australia is on average ranked overall the 7th best country in the world (amenities, wages, quality of life. However Australian internet is ranked a whopping 60th in the world, we have plummeted from 30th in the world. How shocking is this?

Australians invented wifi, yet Australian internet is one of the slowest and of lowest quality on earth and is further plummeting. How can we be ranked the 7th best country overall on Earth but have wifi slower than war torn countries such as Afghanistan? Wifi is Australia’s weakness. However we believe that this can be changed, and that there is something we can to prevent more innocent Australians from feeling the pain and frustration of slow internet; we can improve this situation.

Terrible internet affects all in Australia, ranging from small businesses to even schools! Slow internet prevents the sharing of information quickly and effectively. As the world is modernising almost everything is being sold and downloaded online, various news corps are steadily becoming online only publications, shops are going completely online (Ebay, AMAZON, QUICKSILVER). Even schools such as CHRIST CHURCH GRAMMAR SCHOOL have all their information online, and submissions for tasks and tests are finished and uploaded painstakingly slow online.

If we do not improve our internet fast, Australia will be stuck technologically behind and the standard of life will become worse in Australia. Singaporean internet are one of the fastest download speeds, with 161.26 mbps as their average, the world average is 40.71mbps. Australian internet is below average with the average 25.88 mbps. This is embarrassing to Australia, and further shows how far Australia has fallen in the field of technology, being a pioneer in wifi to a example of a 1st world country failing in technology.

A plan was devised by the Australian internet, a notorious plan named the National Broadband Network. The NBN was originally a way to help Australians, however Australian internet took a step back in innovation, as the NBN is the same speed or worse to the current ADSL internet download speeds, with even more dropouts, less accountability and increased costs. The NBN has been plagued with issues common to public government plans, such as the NBN becoming a political football, plagued by costs and unrealistic plans. The Australian Government is inefficient in solving simple mundane problems such as internet, which other countries such as China have achieved in years. It’s simple, we need to talk to the Government and companies such as Telstra.

The benefits of faster internet include increased workplace productivity, more technological advances, and Australia being recognised more on the world stage, it can also help the Australian stand of living, with easier entertainment and shopping. If the internet in Australia is better, the people can access websites easier and it creates a more knowledgeable society. As well as this, better internet will save company’s and normal people money, as they don’t need to spend as much money on making their internet good, they can buy cheaper internet that is just as good as the expensive internet.