Belong Mobile do not remove Sri Lanka from IDD Call List

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Have you been recently dumped by Belong Mobile after being lured by them just a few months ago to leave your carrier with the promise of unlimited international calls and texts to 36 countries? Did you suddenly receive an email notice on 22 January informing the following?

"From 22 February 2019 the number of countries included in our international calls and text add-on will decrease from 36 to 33. The three countries that will be removed are Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe."

This notice does not give any reasons behind the change. Instead, it asks you to refer to Belong's Customer Terms that include:

"If we believe the change has a detrimental impact, we’ll give you at least 30 days' prior notice of the change."

Belong acknowledges that this change has a detrimental effect on us, and yet claims a right to do so merely by giving a 30 day notice?

Most of us left carriers with good plans just to have this unlimited international calls and texts feature, and now are not able to get those plans again.  Belong in their email notice states:

“You can also choose to cancel your mobile service. If you don't notify us of your decision to cancel or change your service before 22 February 2019 and you continue using your service after that date, you will be taken to have agreed to the change, and the changes will apply to your service.”

Belong does not provide a Customer Care phone number. Their online support ticket system is a humbug, and you never get any support. Any posts we make on Belong Face Book page gets the most ridiculous and condescending responses. If you are one of those tenacious customers that won’t quit but finds a way to get through to them you would still get the parroted answers that you see on Belong FB page! It’s a one-way street. It’s their way or the highway. Belong radar does not pick customer care.

Were you told that this sim was not a plan and therefore there’s no contract? Well let me tell you, that’s a lie. Contract Law says where there is an offer, acceptance and consideration there is a valid contract. Australian Consumer Law protects your rights.

Belong Customer Terms are unfair contract terms that violate Australian Consumer Law.

Belong Mobile has breached the Consumer Guarantees that they should provide you with. Please refer to:

Belong Mobile has engaged in Misleading and deceptive conduct and Bait Advertising. It is illegal for a business to engage in conduct that misleads or deceives or is likely to mislead or deceive consumers or other businesses. Belong continued to advertise this offer even after sending out the email notification to us on 21/01/2019 and also sell this product via numerous retailers. 

Belong not only uses Customer Terms  to change the terms even when it has detrimental impact on the customers, they also use such change to deviously retain those disadvantaged customers, whom they have initially lured with deceptive marketing and advertising practices, by offering other options that are available, "including Telstra Pre-Paid Plans".

Belong is taking advantage of, and are exploiting, a group of people who are "similarly situated" by using their deceptive marketing practices and unfair trade terms against those vulnerable consumers. Please help me to stop them from doing this.

As you would know by experience, it is of no use to reason out with Belong. Please sign this petition to get the ACCC or Office of Fair Trading in your state to take action against these serious violations of Australian Consumer Law.  You can also lodge a complaint with Telcom Ombudsman:

and/ or ACCC:

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