Australia, time to stop being ripped off on the internet pay for.

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Australians around the country need to have internet to connect with family, friends, businesses around the globe. Since the internet's creation it has rapidly become an essential tool that everyone relies on. 

The problem: Australia has internet that is ridiculously slow, and is even more ridiculously priced. Providers in Australia (you know who you are) are expecting people to pay hundreds of dollars for pathetically out-dated internet. They promise "super fast" speeds of 100Mbps, but ALWAYS fail to deliver and reach the advertised speed.

I've been living in Japan for 6 years since the age of 20 and have begun to realize just how bad it is in Australia with the internet situation. In Japan I had a 1GBps internet connection on FIBER for around $45 a month. The base speed in "high-usage" times was around 360Mbps, which is 3 times higher than the fastest internet in Australia which is advertised at 100Mbps.

I meet many Australians who simply have no idea just how ripped off they are, and until we stand up to the government, or who-ever is behind this lie and scam of so-called "fast" internet, nothing will ever change.

Yes you may be saying "But Australia is a big country!!!!", Well so is the UNITED STATES, so is CANADA, so is any other country out there. Honestly there is no excuse for charging already over-charged Australians hundreds of dollars for piss-poor quality connections. Australians need more work, so making the cable Australia wide is not an issue. It is simply because the people behind this, want to cut corners, get richer, and in the end steal from your hard earned wallet.

The solution: Fight for your right to get what you paid for. Stop lying to customers about your "fast" speeds and start doing what is right for Australian families and businesses. FIX THE NBN AND DO IT PROPERLY THIS TIME.