Stop Telstra Base Station in Cromer

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Please help us to stop Telstra installing a mobile base station on the corner of Badcoe Road & Toronto Avenue, Cromer. We are opposed to this proposal for the reasons given below, and we ask Telstra to abandon their plan.


1)  Potential unknown health risks both short and long-term. Local families will be constantly exposed to EME (Electromagnetic Energy) at a very close range.  This is not an industrial area, inner city shopping mall or high rise apartment location.  It is an every day suburban street full of families with children and growing teenagers.

2)  Proximity to residential homes. The proposed installation is within metres of the bedrooms of families and children.

3)  Proximity to local school bus stop. The proposed installation is directly above a busy school bus stop used by dozens of our children daily.  Another school bus stop is directly across the road with another 8 within the EME emission zone.

4)  Telstra has ignored the Code's requirement to consider sensitive locations.  This location is:
   a)  Opposite an enclosed Children’s Playground & picnic area
   b)  Opposite a Local Sporting field where 100 games for under 10’s are played each year with local Northern Beaches Council support
   c)   Opposite a community dog park

5)  The low height of the placement on the telegraph pole results in EME beaming directly into two storey homes only metres away

6)  The negative impact on local property values

7)  Reduced amenity for local residents increasing the potential for “co-location” by other carriers