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Stop the implementation of Telstra's proposed national Wifi Hotspot plan

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Telstra has announded that it will spend about $100 million building what it claims could become one of the world’s biggest Wi-Fi networks.

The plan, announced by chief executive David Thodey last Tuesday, will see the company install up to 8000 of its own wireless hotspots from 2015.

The program’s biggest initiative is a push to get 2 million of its fixed line broadband customers to allow their service be shared. They would get free access to the national Wi-Fi network in exchange for turning their homes and businesses into hotspots for other users. 

This is being proposed while countries such as France, Sweden, Russia and Israel are curbing or even stopping WiFi in schools and public places, however Australia appears to be leading the world in rolling out wireless connectivity. 

There is absolutely no data on the long-term health implications of such a high level of continued exposure, not to mention our right to choose whether or not we want to irradiate ourselves 24/7 in electro-pollution.

Relatively few are aware of the dangers of man-made EMR, in particular, pulsed microwave radio frequencies so commonly used in wireless communication.

It is critical that we all speak up against this to ensure immediate action to prevent this from happening before it is too late and there is no way that we can escape exposure to increasing Wifi radiation.

For more information, I have attached a link toa blogspot that contains a link to the Time Magazine documentary "Searching for a Golden Cage"   (

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