Please support Mallacoota’s bid for reliable mobile phone services and functional data

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The 2019 bushfires in this area, followed by COVID-19, has highlighted the need for reliable communication. 

The current infrastructure does not adequately support medical and emergency services, and prevents crucial health and safety messages from being shared to mobile users. 

  • During holiday seasons our data speed decrease to as little as 0.11 Mbps.
  • Download speeds severely impact on visitors to the town and make running many businesses impossible. Business owners are rising at 4am to be able to access internet.
  • It is difficult to comply with COVID restrictions that require QR codes and quick-loading web forms.

Mallacoota and nearby towns aim to be resilient, innovative communities. 

Most of Australia is geared for online business and communication. We require the same level of phone and internet services that most Australians take for granted.

We acknowledge the efforts of Telstra’s regional team to address the issue. But a massive overhaul is required and this takes significant political and private will.

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