Provide weekly status updates in their official forum for customers who have already purchased a season pass to a current game in production.

Ima put it like this, Telltale games should focus n 1 to 2 projects at a Time, there Should be no reason for an Episode to be this Late, at all! see rite here this is showing how much they Really care for the fans...Yeah #TWAU is cool, but thats not what built up the company to what it is to day, it was Us, the #loyal fans and support for #TWD, but yet they wanna put out boarderland info?? And then have that Job J Stauffer ‏guy brag about him playing the Full #twd game Latest episode?? what kind f stuff is that?! While we sit here in agony?? and Yall want awards?? #hmph We the fans, the subscribers, buyers want Weekly updated in on games, current up 2date trailers, and timely responses! unprofessional And not caring for the customer is what I get out of this, s Yall wanna play ith us, we will play with U

Greg Bennefield, Springfield, MA, United States
8 years ago
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