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Redub the Sam and Max episodic series with the original VAs

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It has been 25 years since Sam, a dog wearing a suit, striped tie, and fedora hat, and Max, his rabbitlike companion who doesn't wear any clothes at all, have been fighting crime as the Freelance Police, and went on journeys that took them to places like the Phillippines (or at least a Phillippines drawn without reference material).

The first Sam and Max project in which the Freelance Police were given voice was "Sam and Max Hit the Road". Bill Farmer (the current voice of Disney's "Goofy"), voiced Sam, while Nick Jameson (a former Foghat bassist, as well as an actor who appeared on "Lost" and "24") voiced Max.

There was going to be a sequel to that game in 2004 that would have allowed both Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson to reprise their roles again, but Lucasarts cancelled the game when it was pretty far in production, and fired the people who worked on it. They have also discontinued production of "Sam and Max Hit The Road" in the United States.

Lucasarts' license with Sam and Max expired in 2005, and Telltale picked up the rights to that license. However...

For their current episodic series, they have used neither Bill Farmer nor Nick Jameson for Sam and Max... or any characters in their games. Instead, they have used cheaper, local actors.

It has been six years since the voice switch, and it is clear that several Sam and Max fans are still unsatisfied with the current voices.

The goal of this petition is to REQUEST that Telltale Games allow Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson to reprise their roles as Sam and Max, respectively for a redub of their current Sam and Max games. In doing so, it is my hope that Telltale Games will better understand fans of the original actors and provide itself with more positive feedback and happier and more content fans, as well as give the original actors another chance to be allowed to finish what they had started.

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