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Tell your senators to save our waterways from uncontrolled pollution

The Clean Water Restoration Act would restore Clean Water Act protections to vital water bodies declared unprotected because of Supreme Court decisions. Tell your senators to co-sponsor the Clean Water Restoration Act.

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U.S. Senate
I urge you to co-sponsor the Clean Water Restoration Act (S. 787), or, if you have already signed on as a co-sponsor, to encourage your fellow senators to do so as well.

America's water bodies are in crisis. Across the country, numerous water bodies are at risk of losing protections that the Clean Water Act provides against unregulated pollution. Two Supreme Court decisions have made the law a mess. Thousands of water bodies already have been denied legal protection; countless more await the same fate.

I support fully protecting the nation's waterways. By enacting the Clean Water Restoration Act, Congress can restore clear legal protections to many kinds of waters whose status is presently in question. To protect against floods, help provide clean drinking water, filter pollution and support fish and other wildlife, we need the kinds of streams and wetlands that today are at risk. Please co-sponsor the Clean Water Restoration Act and do all you can to ensure its prompt passage.

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