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Tell Your Senators: Support Gina McCarthy's Nomination as EPA Administrator


Gina McCarthy's nomination as EPA Administrator has been approved by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee; the full Senate will be voting on her confirmation shortly. 

McCarthy has a strong record as a defender of the Clean Air Act and our environment. We are confident that she will continue Lisa Jackson's legacy of protecting the air we and our families breathe. 

Tell your Senators to confirm Gina McCarthy as the next head of the EPA. 

Letter to
U.S. Senate
Gina McCarthy Deserves a Vote.

As you know, President Obama has nominated Gina McCarthy to be the next EPA Administrator. McCarthy is a strong nominee; her record and qualifications are well-known and appreciated.

We are confident Gina McCarthy will continue Lisa Jackson's legacy of protecting our environment and the air we and our families breathe.

We urge you to support her nomination and to vote for her when it is brought before the full Senate. McCarthty's confirmation has already faced undue delays--we and our children cannot afford to wait any longer.

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