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Tell your Senators: End workplace discrimination now


For LGBT Americans, "equal opportunity" means little without strong federal protections against workplace discrimination. Right now in 29 states, there is no state law protecting a lesbian, gay or bisexual person from being fired just because of who they are – and the same is true in 34 states for transgender people.

We urgently need to update federal law so that LGBT people in every corner of the country don't have to be afraid to be open in the workplace.

Today, ENDA is being reintroduced in both the House and Senate by bipartisan groups of legislators. While hostile Republicans control the House of Representatives, there's a real change to make legislative progress on ENDA in the Senate. But your Senators need to hear from you. We need to tell them that the time has long-since come to adopt this common-sense, widely-popular legislation and ensure LGBT people have this most basic of protections under law.

Send a letter your Senators now. Your letter can help us build the momentum for ENDA in the Senate and get us another step closer to seeing this important bill finally become law!

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U.S. Senate
There has been an amazing outpouring of support for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans in recent years. But despite recent victories, the inexcusable fact remains that in the vast majority of this country, there is no state law that stops an employer from showing a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender employee or job applicant the door, simply because of who they are. Unbelievably, today, the laws of 29 states do not prohibit firing or refusing to hire someone because he or she is gay or lesbian, and 34 states lack laws banning discrimination based on gender identity.

That's unacceptable. It's contrary to our core values as a country. Employers should judge their employees on the merits, not on irrelevant characteristics like sexual orientation and gender identity. I ask you to cosponsor the Employment Non-Discrimination Act -- a common sense bill that would outlaw this sort of discrimination in federal law. While I know that final passage of this important law is an uphill battle, we must continue to fight as hard as we can to protect all Americans from arbitrary discrimination.

Our country's most successful businesses know discrimination hurts the bottom line. A host of civil rights, labor and religious organizations support this legislation.

More than three-quarters of Americans believe that our nation's laws should protect LGBT people in the workplace. It's time for federal action to address this pressing issue.

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