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Tell Your Representative: Buy Local, Save Lives


U.S. food aid saves millions of lives around the world, but it’s not a perfect system. Right now, the law requires the vast majority of food aid be shipped from the U.S. -- even though it can cost much more than buying food locally in developing countries. Food shipped from the U.S. can take months to reach vulnerable people in desperate need of assistance.

There’s a simple answer to this problem -- but there are just 3 days to fix it! Representatives Royce and Engel are offering an amendment to the Farm Bill that will dramatically improve how the U.S. provides lifesaving food aid. The Royce-Engel amendment to the Farm Bill will allow up to 45% of funding for international food assistance to purchase food locally and regionally. Millions more people will get access to life-giving food, and it won’t cost taxpayers a penny more.

Don’t delay – the vote will be held by Friday, June 21st! Urge your Representative to support the Royce-Engel amendment to the Farm Bill and save more people suffering from hunger.

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