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Tell Your Legislator To Write/Enact "A Father's Right To Parent" Bill

Men have been denied their rights, as fathers, to raise their children. 

Too many states allow a woman to relinquish her child for adoption without the child's father ever being found and notified that he has a child.  Too many fathers have been kept completely in the dark, either intentionally or unintentionally, and are unaware that they even impregnated someone!

A father's rights are often terminated without his consent.  This is a shameful act perpetrated by the adoption industry and it's appetite for womb-fresh babies to sell. 

Please urge your legislator to write and/or help enact what I'm calling:  "A Father's Right To Parent" bill. 

Before parental rights are terminated, the father or potential fathers should be located and DNA tested to confirm paternity.  Once that is determined, he should be given up to 9 months to determine whether he wants to relinquish his parental rights or if he chooses to raise his child.  (A woman is given 9 months to figure this out, so a man should be given the same opportunity.) 

Any costs for DNA testing and for tracking down the child's father should be absorbed by the agency seeking the child's relinquishment for adoption.  If the agency choses to pass that expense onto it's customers (prospective adoptive parents) then they should have every right to do so. 

Every child deserves to be raised by his/her parents.  If one cannot or will not raise the child, it's only fair that the other parent have an opportunity to do so. 







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