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Ask your Health or Fitness facility to SET a Healthy Example -No More Tanning!

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Imagine a gym that gives away unlimited cigarettes.

Sounds ridiculous right? Now, take a moment and think…does your health club offer tanning?  Do you know that more people develop skin cancer because of tanning than develop lung cancer because of smoking, according to Skin Cancer.Org.  Gyms are supposed to be about health and wellness, correct?

With the amount of science available in 2015, we know without question, that the sun and our exposure to it, influences the way we age. However, mixed messages, such as Gym’s that provide “unlimited tanning” with their memberships, still encourage their members to knowingly damage their skin and worst of all, increase their risk of developing potentially deadly skin cancer. If that message isn’t bad enough, it’s also quietly telling people that tanning isn’t so bad. I mean, if your “health club” offers it, it must not be all that harmful.

Combine this with the antiquated belief that a “tan looks healthy” and it’s not that surprising that undoing the damage caused by UV exposure is a thriving billion dollar industry. It is estimated that tanning now causes more cases of cancer than smoking but these "health clubs" are certainly not offering free cigarettes with membership or a smoking lounge.

It is appalling to think that these clubs continue to make money and encourage what is known to be an unhealthy addiction, as a way to turn a profit.

We are asking our Health and Fitness Facilities TO DO THE RIGHT THING! Remove deadly tanning and prevent skin cancer!

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