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Tell your governor: Don't support hateful laws that hurt our economy

Hate hurts. It hurts our families.  It hurts the promise of the American dream.  And in a very real way, hate hurts our economy.

At a time when so many are struggling to make ends meet – and states face huge cutbacks in the social programs – our elected officials must, at the very least, follow the principle of “do no harm” when addressing economic conditions.

But too many states are ready to copy Alabama’s “solution” to fixing their economy – they are prepared to enact legislation meant to punish and scare away immigrant families.

Alabama’s assault on immigrant communities is already having a terrible impact on the state’s floundering economy. In just 8 months, the state's economy has lost an estimated $10.8 billion and 80,000 jobs.  The law is scaring away outside investors, hurting the state’s image and making Alabama less competitive.

The authors of Alabama’s law said it would boost the economy and promote job growth. 

The reality? The economy continues to slide. The jobs just stay unfilled. And the cost of enforcing the law is coming out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Tell your state governor to heed Alabama’s cautionary tale: Anti-immigrant laws will hurt our economy. Don’t follow in Alabama’s footsteps.

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