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Tell Yankees to Condemn Anti-Gay Fan Song

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UPDATE: After receiving scores of emails from LGBT activists and fans, the New York Yankees responded that they will take action to halt this homophobic fan song. See this post here for an update, and thanks for taking action!

During New York Yankees games, fans from opposing teams can expect to be heckled in the crowd. But are some taking this heckling too far? As has been documented here and here, a group of New York Yankees fans have taken the lyrics to "YMCA," and have replaced it with some deeply disturbing and violent anti-gay lines. A few examples:

"Gay man, get up off of your knees / I said gay man, you will catch a disease / I said gay man, don't touch me please / because you have got a disease. Why are you gay? / I saw you sucking some d-i-c-k."

These lyrics are following up with another verse: "Gay man, wipe that sperm off your chin / I said gay man, what you do is a sin / I said gay man, I won't let you in / because you have got a disease."

This hardly makes Yankee stadium seem like a safe space for LGBT people, not to mention the message it sends on a broader level, suggesting that it's funny and appropriate to make a song about gay people being diseased.

Fans certainly have a right to free speech. But shouldn't the Yankees officially condemn this kind of rhetoric, and pledge that while they can't control what fans might say in the crowd, they can at least pledge to make sure that Yankee Stadium is safe for all, regardless of their sexual orientation?

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