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Tell World Leaders to Feed the Hungry Billion


Less than a year ago, the number of hungry people in the world topped 1 billion for the first time in history. It now appears all but certain that the hunger target associated with Millennium Development Goal no. 1 - reduction of hunger by half by 2015 - will not be met.

If the world continues at the current pace of hunger reduction, we will see hundreds of millions of needless deaths and incalculable suffering. Food is a fundamental building block of life and the cornerstone of any strategy to help people caught up in sudden onset disasters or trapped in extreme poverty.

But, there is something you can do. In response, we called on the online billion to step up and take action to make a difference. Through the ‘Billion for a Billion' movement, online supporters like you are demonstrating that if each of us does a little, we can achieve unimaginable results.

You can help now by signing this petition and adding your voice to the movement.

Your signature, along with thousands of others from across the globe, will be presented to world leaders. You can learn more about the movement by visiting 1Billion Hungry Project.

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