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Tell Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: Don’t Cut BadgerCare

Wisconsin’s newly-elected Governor, Scott Walker, made it a campaign promise to rid the state of government-sponsored health care. With his Republican legislators, they have vowed to make significant budget cuts, and one of the first items on the chopping block will likely be the state’s Medicaid program, known as BadgerCare.

However, the program is one of the better examples of Medicaid programs in the country, as it provides every child in the state access to health care and helps low-income families get medical care. It reduces the number of uninsured and ultimately save costs by providing preventative care and keeping medical conditions from escalating to the point of emergency treatment.

Currently, there are close to three quarters of a million people covered by BadgerCare. If cut, Wisconsin could lose about $4 billion dollars a year in federal-matching funds, according to a report by NPR.

There’s a lot at stake if Governor Walker keeps his promise of doing away with this important program. Let him and the legislature know you don’t want to see cuts to BadgerCare by signing the petition below. 

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Letter to
Wisconsin Governor
One of your campaign promises was to make significant cuts in the state's Medicaid program. Budget cuts have to come from somewhere, but by reducing the scope of BadgerCare, the burden will largely fall on individuals and families who are already facing grave economic uncertainty. BadgerCare is providing crucial services to Wisconsin’s children and low-income families, extending a lifeline that is preventing them from falling into financial ruin. By doing so, it is also preventing more costly health care utilization in the future.

If significant cuts are made to the program, Wisconsin could also lose almost $4 billion in federal matching funds.

We ask that you maintain all funding for BadgerCare and ensure that the program is able to continue providing care for those that need it most.

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