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Washington, DC is a thriving, cosmopolitan city. But it's missing something important: a conveninent sandwich and coffee stop that offers a variety of sundry items. Starbucks is inefficient and overpriced. CVS is great for band-aids, but falls down in the ready-to-eat food department. While our city's food trucks provide a valuable service, they don't all operate late into the night.

Enter: Wawa. 

Those of us who grew up with it know its flourescent glory. We have felt the joy of ordering a highly-customizable sandwich through a touch-screen.

Wawa CEO Howard B. Stoeckel used to work in DC (for the Washingotn Gas Company). He knows this city. And we need to let him know this is a city that deserves a WaWa.

Tell Howard Stoeckel that if he builds a Wawa in DC, it will be with the secure knowledge that he already has a built-in, reliable customer base that wants hoagies and consistent, affordable coffee.

Letter to
CEO, WaWa Howard Stoeckel
As someone who spends a lot of time in Washington, DC, I believe the city would greatly benefit from having one or more Wawa stores.

Wawa already operates in locations all around the District, such as Largo and Beltsville, but those locations are inconvenient for those of us who live and work in and around downtown DC.

Because you used to work in our nation's capital, I hope you recognize the value of having a store located here. I want you to further know that if you open a store in DC, you will find a reliable and enthusiastic customer base that includes yours truly.

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