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Tell Washington Post Columnists: Speak Up For Kaplan University Students

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The Washington Post's Kaplan division provides more than half of the company's profits - off the backs of low-income students, single moms, military veterans and people of color. But you won't read those students' stories in the Post itself. Tell three of its most influential columnists - E.J. Dionne, Eugene Robinson and Michelle Singletary - to speak out about it.

Kaplan University - and the entire for-profit industry - has been proven to use intimidating tactics, misleading recruiting policies, charge exorbitantly high tuition fees and leave students drowning in debt with little chance of the lucrative careers they were promised.

Even after the Government Accountability Office exposed fraudulent tactics used by for-profit colleges last year, Kaplan's abuses continue. Just last month, a Chronicle of Higher Education investigation revealed that Kaplan was continuing to falsely advertise that certain programs were accredited.

Although the Washington Post's name is synonymous with stellar investigative reporting and integrity, very little reporting has been done on this scandal - an April 10th story in the Post about Kaplan University didn't interview a single student. Meanwhile, the Post's Editorial Board continues to argue against any sort of regulation of the out-of-control for-profit college industry.

Demand that E.J. Dionne, Eugene Robinson and Michelle Singletary speak out about the abuses that occur at Kaplan - their reputations depend on it.

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