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Warner, Stop Early Screenings of DC movies to critics

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I don't think it's in our place as 'DC Fanboys" to say if critics are right or wrong, but the effects of their words are knowledgeable to all of us... 3 days before the premiere of a highly anticipated movie, a big portion of it's public is advised to not enjoy the piece, and a big portion that still excited get's bullied for doing so...

This is not about trying to shut down a critic-centric website (seriously WTF?) nor discussing the quality or value of the DCEU films (which varies drastically from the fans perspective to the critics perspective), this is about giving the movies which have had their legs broken before they could walk, a chance of unbiased reception from fans and critics alike.

It is more than clear at this point that DC movies are, as suggested by its creators "movies for the fans, not for the critics", so it wouldn't be lack of faith to simply not give the 'criticsphere' the privilege of having a dictatorial opinion on the quality of the movie, therefore leaving fans to their own perception, impressions, and experiences, without negative (or positive) influences from third parties.

DC Warner, please, do not give early screenings of your anticipated movies (namely Wonder Woman, and Justice League) to the critics, let the fans and critics form their opinions together (by going at the same time) without direct influence from one another.

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