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Hi –

In January 2018, I became legally disabled working at Walmart opening boxes (repeatedly) with my bare hands.

(1)  I lost all use of my right (dominant) hand.

(2)  I lost the ability to write, but have since regained some use back. 

(3)  I am still technically disabled. My thumb simply does not work.

(4)  I had gotten Cellulitis. It’s a life-threatening infection that (can easily be missed or mistaken for a simple bruise). It can cause serious injury to other parts of the body. It can cause shock, amputation and even death. You can easily die from it not even realizing you had it. It’s appears as a redness under the skin and is often caused, when bacteria enters a wound or an area where no skin exists. The bacteria can enter from the tiniest of holes. Walmart should have educated me on this. As a stocker, I was at the highest risk working dirty boxes, dirty totes and dirty palettes. Employees should be educated on what Cellulitis is. A warning label on these boxes should exist. Had I not gone medical treatment I may be dead. I wasn’t even aware that Cellulitis even existed.

(5)  Walmart simply ignored it and pretended as if it didn’t exist.

(6)  I was denied medical coverage and denied workers compensation.

(7)  They illegally purchased my medical information from every doctor I had ever been to. They had access to information that I didn’t even have access to and I’m the patient. (Who remembers what they did in 1989 and what exactly were they looking for? My mammograms have nothing to do with my injury.)

(8)  They hired a private investigator follow me hoping to find something - anything. (A picture of me in my pajamas is not too exciting.)

(9)  To top that, they illegally changed my doctor’s medical diagnosis code to state that my doctor stated I only had a (bruise) instead of a fracture, when reporting my injury to the Government. Can you change XRAY findings and without a license? (If yes, then I need to enter a new profession.)

(10)  I need surgery. A piece of bone did not properly heal. (It's from the same fracture, they said did not exist.)

Walmart simply refuses to admit that they were wrong.

Walmart simply refuses to admit that an accident even occurred.

What makes matter worse is that one of the boxes that injured me is currently being sold to consumers. This is the same box I became legally disabled from and Walmart still refuses to admit that something is seriously wrong.

(1)  I need your help.

(2)  I need 1,000 signatures to convince Walmart that these boxes are in fact medically hazardous by anyone’s standard.

(3)  I need 1,000 signatures to convince Walmart that they were wrong. 

I need surgery to fix my hand. The surgery is the only chance I have to regain full use of my hand and the best chance I have on not becoming permanently disabled in my entire right hand.

If you agree with this medical expert, can you please SIGN ...


Medical Expert – “I have reviewed the medical records of Mandy V regarding her right hand injury … She sustained injuries to the ligaments, tendons, joints, and bone. …. The feasibility does exist … in all medical probability and reasonably logical by anyone's standard, physician or otherwise, that a person may be injured by opening boxes repeatedly with their bare hands.”


Tell Walmart to STOP hurting the ones we love.

Walmart is denying health coverage to anyone working (less than 34 HRS) in their first year …


I was wrongfully denied healthcare coverage working on average 32 hours each week. I was told I simply did not qualify, because I was considered part-time. I then found out that Walmart reported to the Government that they had offered me medical coverage and that I had declined, which is absolutely false. I was never notified.

(1)  I was denied my legal right to obtain health care coverage through the Marketplace, because Walmart stated I declined.

(2)  I was denied my legal right to healthcare coverage through Walmart, because Walmart stated I was part-time.

(3)  I was denied my legal right to COBRA health care coverage, because Walmart stated I was part-time.

(4)  I was denied my legal right to special enrollment marketplace health coverage, because Walmart stated I declined.


The Affordable Care Act states that Walmart is legally required to offer me health care coverage, if I work (on average 30 hours a week); otherwise, they would have to pay a fine (a tax penalty) for denying me my right.

Walmart did not offer me health care coverage and AVOIDED the tax fine, simply because they told the US Government they offered me medical coverage and I declined.

When I filed my taxes, I was the one fined, simply because Walmart stated I declined.


The Affordable Care Act also states that Walmart is legally responsible for paying their portion of the tax credit all employees get, when they sign up for the Marketplace.

Walmart AVOIDED another tax again, when they made me ineligible for the Marketplace.

(1)  I am asking you to STOP WALMART from denying ME my legal right to health care coverage simply because they labeled as part-time.

(2)  I am asking for you to STOP WALMART from having other people pay their own taxes.

(3)  I am asking for you to HELP ME get my hand back and to help SAVE A LIFE.

Can you please sign my petition?

It just may save a life and convince Walmart that they were wrong.

Tell Walmart to STOP hurting the ones we love.


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