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Tell Wal-Mart "We Don't Want you in Eureka Springs!"

An open letter from the Greater Community of Eureka Springs.

To all concerned public bodies,

We, the residents and business owners of Eureka Springs and the surrounding areas, ask you, our elected and appointed public representatives, to do everything necessary to prevent the proposed “Wal-Mart Express” Project from getting started.

While it is true that this store model is smaller than the corporation’s traditional stores, because it is such a new model, little is known about what the economic impact to the community would be. In the absence of this evidence, we must assume that the effect of such a store would be similar to that of the corporation’s effect in other communities that have other types of Wal-Mart stores in them. That impact is, in a best case scenario, neutral.

At the worst it will cost us in ways that we won’t see until it is much too late. In any scenario, it will cost us more of our identity as a small quaint town of unique little shops.

No concessions should be made, no compromise reached, no bribe of Sewer Mains considered. You should issue no permits, no licenses, consider no tax abatements or possible tax revenues. There is nothing this store can contribute to this community that we do not already have except to possibly give us one more thing to divide us further.

The response from our city leaders needs to be a loud, strong, resounding, “No.” A “No” that echoes through every street of our city.





Letter to
Development Wal-Mart Corporation
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Wal-Mart Corporation.

DO NOT Build a Wal-Mart Express in Eureka Springs, Ar

Eureka Springs is a Historic city with an tourist economy based on it's appearance and the fact that Eureka Springs has no big box stores. The addition of a Wal-Mart Express to Eureka Springs will hurt the small businesses here by Wal-Mart offering Cheaper goods, not made in Eureka Springs.


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