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Petitioning Virginia Senate, District 1 John C. Miller and 38 others

Tell Virginia State and Local Officials: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads.


In attempt to make up for a road-funding model that becomes increasingly insufficient with each passing day, Hampton Roads is on the precipice of heavy tolls and public-private partnerships. While there is much concern from our citizens and representatives, the response is divided. This petition has been created to unify our concerns and hopefully to reverse course on public-private partnerships and tolls.

The most worrisome aspect is what tolls will do to the local economy and citizens. In Hampton Roads, it will heavily affect small businesses, students at ODU, NSU, TCC, the military who depend on our roadways.

This is a call-out, first, to Hampton Roads, because the tolls are about to be levied on us. However, all of Virginia should pay attention. Why? Because tolls and public-private partnerships have become the choice alternative for future road funding. Chances are the road that you depend on will be the next road to be tolled.

Please sign this petition today to voice your opposition to tolls in Hampton Road.

Letter to
Virginia Senate, District 1 John C. Miller
Virginia Delegate, District 84 Salvatore R. Iaquinto
Virginia Delegate, District 83 Christopher P. Stolle
and 36 others
Virginia Delegate, District 82 Harry R. Purkey
Virginia Delegate, District 81 Barry D. Knight
Virginia Delegate, District 80 Matthew James
Virginia Delegate, District 79 Johnny S.Joannou
Virginia Delegate, District 78 John A. Cosgrove
Virginia Delegate, District 77 Lionell Spruill Sr.
Virginia Delegate, District 76 S. Chris Jones
Virginia Delegate, District 94 David E. Yancey
Virginia Delegate, District 92 Jeion A. Ward
Virginia Delegate, District 91 Gordon C. Helsel Jr.
Virginia Delegate, District 85 Robert Tata
Mayor, City of Norfolk Paul Fraim
Virginia Delegate, District 89 Kenneth C. Alexander
Virginia Delegate, District 74 Joseph D. Morrissey
Virginia State House
Virginia Delegate, District 39 Vivian E. Watts
Tell Virginia State and Local Officials
Virginia Delegate, District 33 Joe T. May
Virginia Senate, District 2 Mamie E. Locke
Virginia Senate, District 3 Thomas K. Norment Jr.
Virginia Senate, District 5 Yvonne B. Miller
Virginia Senate, District 6 Ralph S. Northam
Virginia Senate, District 7 Frank W.Wagner
Virginia Senate, District 8 Jeffrey L. McWaters
Virginia Senate, District 14 Harry B. Blevins
Virginia Senate, District 18 L. Louise Lucas
Mayor, City of Portsmouth Kenneth Wright
City of Portsmouth Council City of Portsmouth Council
Mayor, Suffolk, VA Linda T. Johnson
Mayor, Chesapeake, VA Dr. Alan P. Krasnoff
Mayor, Virginia Beach, VA William D. Sessoms, Jr.
Mayor, Newport News, VA McKinley L. Price, DDS
Mayor, Hampton, VA Molly Joseph Ward
Virginia Delegate, District 90 Algie T. Howell
Virginia Delegate, District 40 Timothy D. Hugo
Virginia State Senate
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Virginia State and Local Officials.

Imagine turning on to the road you travel to your work, college, military base, business, or doctor’s office. Unlike the day before, the road you’ve depended on for so many years has just been turned over to a for-profit business. You’ll have to pay a toll every day that over the course of the year will amount to as much as $1,000. But that’s not where it ends. The company that oversees the road has the right to raise rates year after year and spend proceeds on other roads.

Tolls will make our roads insurmountable barriers for some. Tolls will divide our communities. Tolls will divert by some estimates $64 million from our local businesses. We’re talking about public-private partnerships and they’re coming to Hampton Roads and Virginia.

When it’s all said and done, we might be able to say, “Well, at least they didn’t raise taxes.” That will be a bitter consolation when were paying more for roads than we ever dreamed.

Wake up Hampton Roads and wake up Virginia. Tell elected officials today to reverse course on tolls and public-private partnerships and to pay for with taxes just like the rest of the 57,867 mile of roadway. The arteries around our port cities are some of the most economically important roads in the state, and they belong to the citizens of Virginia. Tell them that our roads are not for sale.



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