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Tell Veolia: Don't privatize our public water for profit

Water privatizing giant Veolia has a long track record of using secrecy and backroom deals to take over public water systems in communities around the world. And once Veolia takes over a community's water supply, it's notorious for pushing up rates, laying off workers, abusing labor rights and violating public health standards.

And it's happening right now in our own back yard. For months, the residents of St. Louis, Missouri have been embroiled in a struggle with Veolia as the corporation attempts to shove through a water consulting contract despite overwhelming disapproval from the community. And every day we learn more about the full scope of Veolia's corporate interference and misleading PR campaigns it uses to land these contracts.

We need to speak up to stop this global water giant in its tracks. Sign the petition to demand that Veolia end its profit-driven political interference and start respecting the public's right to control our own water.

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  • President and CEO of Veolia Environment North America
    Terry Mah

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