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Tell Utah to Stop Shooting Homeless Pets! And Gas Chambers are Not Humane.

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We shoot the pets that don’t get adopted and when we run out of bullets, we run over the rest...  This extraordinarily cruel and inhumane treatment is how homeless pets are handled in Hinckley and other towns like Blanding and Monticello in Utah.  Cats and dogs are held for only 72 hours in the local "shelter" and then taken to a nearby open sewer pit where they are shot.  If they run out of bullets the animals are run over by a vehicle.  In some communities, cats are drowned or beaten to death.

The mayor of Hinckley says it’s efficient, cost-effective, and perfectly legal.  Neighbors have reported that the pets are not always dead when they’re thrown in the pit and some have crawled onto nearby properties to die a slow, painful death.  Jed, shown in the photo (courtesy HWAC), is a six-month old puppy who luckily managed to escape such a brutal outcome.

In a previous attempt to enact statewide standards, Utah senators wanted to allow gas chambers as an acceptable alternative to lethal injection, and grant exemptions to standards for contract killers hired by Utah shelters.  They obviously have not heard animals' cries, clawing and violent reactions reported by shelter workers who operate gas chambers. Animals are hardwired to fight or flight whenever they encounter a life threatening situation, making death in a gas chamber doubly cruel. Nor have Utah senators learned that exposure to carbon monoxide by shelter workers causes permanent neuromuscular and internal organ damage. 

Tell the State of Utah that enacting statewide legislation for the ethical and humane management of homeless pets is long overdue and that gas chambers are not an acceptable alternative.  All Utah communities must be held to a higher, acceptable standard.


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