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Tell Utah Law Makers to give Pre-1992 Child Sex Abuse Victims a Voice!!!!

The above link is the link to the news story that aired last night.

  There are many reasons why a Sex Abuse Victim/Survivor may not come forward in a timely fashion. The abuser may be in a position of authority or power, the damage that is done to the Victim because of the abuse, the sensitivity of the issue, the concern about attention that will be brought upon other family members just to name a few.

In 1992 the time limit for reporting Sex Abuse was removed but Utah Courts are using the  Ex Post Facto Provision in both the US and Utah Constitution, that says "If an act is committed before it is made illegal, an individual can not be punished for said action", as an immunity defense.

This makes no sense because these crimes WERE punishable crimes before 1992. The only change to the statute was the time limit restriction in reporting the crimes, which would seem to open the door for crimes committed at any time. to be reported and  prosecuted.

In my personal case the perpetrator (a retired School Teacher) still works with children and those who participated in the cover up are not being held accountable. I have been told by Law Enforcement  that it was my duty to come forward in a timely manner. In fact I did tell other Employees of the School about the abuse. What about the duty of those Employees to inform Law Enforcement and my Parents about my accusations?

Other States have made specific changes to their statutes that say, "persons or entities can not use tolling as an excuse to be immune to legal action for sex abuse of a child."   

Please tell Utah Law Makers that not making a provision for pre-1992 Survivors is participating in Sex Abuse and it's Cover-Up


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