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Tell USA News Media; Report on Critical Needs & Donations Being Down This Holiday Season

Almost 25% of our nation's children are living in poverty, while 1 in 4 endures hunger. Donations are down this holiday season across the nation, while needs are up anywhere from 10%-33% over last year, depending on the location. This is the fourth year in a row of decreased donations while the need is growing exponentially. Simple checking in Google shows the need in Denver, St. Louis, North Carolina, San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston, Hawaii, Kansas City, Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Connecticut, Tahoe and beyond and the downturn in donations to Red Kettles, Toys for Tots, Angel Trees, and to over 62,000 food pantries across the U.S. are only being talked about by small and/or regional news media.

Last year the top 4 requests of Santa were socks, shoes/boots, jackets, and food. They didn't get met by a long shot. This in America, where our media keep their lenses focused on the dysfunction in Washington, D.C., the rhetoric, entertainment and the record spending being done by the portion of the population that has the money, while 25 million people are under or unemployed, with no purchasing power or means to provide traditional holiday meals or presents for their children. Over half of the unemployed are considered "long-term" unemployed which means they were the first to lose jobs when the economy tanked and their children having no holiday season for those 2-4 years of unemployment. How would you feel if you missed 2-4 years of your childhood holidays or if your children had no holidays?

We must demand that that our national news media educate and inspire Americans to take action this holiday season on behalf of our nation's future; our children.

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