Tell us who has bought Arthur Hill Swimming Pool

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For over one hundred years Arthur Hill Swimming Pool provided huge fun and enjoyment for people living in East Reading. This historic pool was donated to the local community in 1911 in memory of a former mayor of Reading, Arthur Hill.

In 2016 Reading Borough Council decided to close Arthur Hill Pool despite opposition from local residents. This has left the area without any swimming facilities.

Earlier this year the Council put the pool on the property market. Two leisure providers put in bids to buy the site and reopen it to allow swimming to take place again. However, local councillors have stated that they want the site to be sold for development, and it has been earmarked for housing in Reading's new Local Plan.

In July 2018 the Council's Policy Committee voted in secret to sell the pool to an unknown bidder. The Council is now refusing to say who the pool will be sold to; what the site will be used for in future, or the reasons the winning bid was chosen.

We think this is a scandal.

Please sign this petition today to show your support for the Arthur Hill Campaign and to tell Reading Borough Council that they must come clean about Arthur Hill Pool and tell us without delay who has bought it, how much will be paid for the site, and the reasons for the Council's decision.