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Tell U.S. Supermarkets to Demand Cameras in Slaughterhouses

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 According to the Guardian,  several U.K. supermarket chains "are demanding that CCTV [closed-circuit television] systems be fitted in the stunning and killing areas of all abattoirs that supply them with meat, as they move to reassure consumers that animals are not being cruelly treated." The supermarkets -- including Morrisons, M&S, Waitrose, Co-op, and Sainsbury's -- have also promised that CCTV images will be independently monitored.

In the U.S., the Food Safety Inspection Service, a U.S. Department of Agriculture sub-agency responsible for overseeing animal handling at most slaughterhouses, has entered the fray. In a snappily titled Draft Compliance Guidelines for Use of Video or Other Electronic Monitoring or Recording Equipment In Federally Inspected Establishments document (pdf) released last month, the FSIS states "that video or other electronic monitoring or recording equipment can be used in federally inspected establishments" and "encourages establishments to consider the use of this technology, particularly in their activities to ensure that there is humane handling of livestock and use of good commercial practices in poultry."

There are no plans for the federal government to step in and mandate CCTV in the nation's slaughterhouses. But what's stopping the nation's big supermarket chains like Kroger and Safeway from following the lead of their fellow corporations in the U.K. and doing the right thing? Nothing ... except the will to act. So why not give them a little encouragement? Tell Kroger and Safeway to demand that CCTV systems be fitted in the stunning and killing areas of all abattoirs that supply them with meat.

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