Tell UCLA Hospital to Answer My Questions About My Failed Surgery!

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My UCLA Hospital spine surgery was a complete failure. When I lost confidence in my UCLA doctor, I began searching for another orthopedic surgeon. The new doctor informed me that the surgical device that was supposed to be implanted during my UCLA surgery was not implanted. The missing surgical device is a major factor for why my surgery failed. I would like to know why this device was not implanted as I was told it would be.

I would also like to know how I received a cut on my face while I was under anesthesia. None of the doctors or nurses claimed to know how it happened. Could I really have been left unattended in an area where I was in danger of being injured? If the cut was a result of being dropped from the surgical table or gurney, it would certainly also explain why my spine didn't fuse. Or worse, if the cut was caused by a surgical instrument that was not sterile, I could have a blood-borne disease now and not know it.

I would also like to know why I was charged to treat the infection that I got from UCLA Hospital. Friends in the medical community have told me that UCLA should have corrected the infection for free since they were responsible for me contracting the infection.

Finally, I would like to know why it took UCLA several months to send me my medical records when the California Health & Safety Code, Section 123110(b.) requires that a patient's medical records be sent "within fifteen days after receiving the written request." Should I really be expected to have to pay for medical services from a hospital that was dishonest with me, negligent and made just about every mistake possible while violating the law?

I have contacted UCLA multiple times seeking answers to these questions. Every time the response I received was that UCLA felt no responsibility and was unconcerned about the state of my health. Is it really UCLA's policy to refuse to even speak with patients that have complaints about their care once they have paid their bills?