Tell Uber to ban all air fresheners and fragrances in their driver's vehicles

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Solutions Beyond Banning Are Tough

I've gotten dozens of emails from people complaining that a ban is not the correct solution and that we should allow drivers to use all-natural products and natural air fresheners in their car. The problem with that is that I have clients and know many that can't even tolerate natural fragrances such as essential oils due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. And, what about people that want to use essential oils like patchouli, which many have a strong aversion or dislike to? If a car needs "help" they may be able to air it out or use a natural ozone generator when the car is not in use, as ozone can be dangerous as well. Ozone generally has little to no smell and minimal risks. I hear you about the problem with society wanting to "ban everything", but this is different when it comes to true health and safety. Best, Evan

Evan Brand
5 years ago