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Tyler attorney and former state district judge Cynthia Stevens Kent is asking two Texas legislators to push a bill outlawing the ownership of pit bulls and-or pit bull mixed dogs in Texas, and to make the possession of the breed a third-degree felony.

Mrs. Kent hopes Sen. Kevin Eltife, R-Tyler, TX and Rep. Chuck Hopson, R-Henderson, TX will sponsor the bill and put in front of the next legislative session. She wants the bill named Justin's Law, after 10-year-old Justin Clinton who was killed in 2009 by pit bulls in Rusk County.

“My client, Serenia Clinton of Rusk County, and I ask each of you to consider some type of legislation to ban pit bull dogs or to severely restrict the ability of individuals to own these inherently dangerous animals,” she wrote in a letter to Eltife and Hopson.

Mrs. Kent's request comes two days after 2-year-old Kaden Muckelroy was killed by his grandfather's pit bull in Henderson.

The boy's mother had stepped inside for a moment to get something when she heard a scream. She found her son being attacked by the dog that had somehow managed to get off of a chain and grab the child.

Despite being rushed to the hospital, Kaden died due to the massive injuries sustained in the attack...

between September 1982 and Nov. 13, 2006 there were 2,209 victims across the nation who suffered bodily harm from a dog attack requiring medical attention.

Of those 2,209 attacks 1,110 were perpetrated by pit bulls or pit bull mixes in which 104 people lost their lives.

The next leading breed of dog causing death for the same time period, according to the site, is the Rottweiler with 58 deaths

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BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION does not work!   How do you define a Pit Bull?  Most people cannot even pick out the "CORRECT" pit bull in a line-up of Bulldogs, Stafford Terriers, and other breeds.  Will all dogs be included regardless if they are a "mix"?

After all the "Pit Bulls" are gone, then what?  Will we then target the Rottweilers?  Then the Chows? and the Dobermans?  Where does it end?  Who will be doing the DNA testing to prove whether or not the dog is the specified breed?  How much will this cost?  Who will be paying for this?   At what point will the owners of the dogs be euthanized? 

Why not spay and neuter your dog and hold the owner's responsible for their dogs regardless of breed?

Please sign the below petition to Sen. Kevin Eltife and  Rep Chuck  Hopson asking them NOT to sponsor the current bill "Justin's Law".

Thank you!

Letter to
Senator, TX STATE SENATE Kevin Eltife
House of REP, State of TX Chuck Hopson
Dear Sir:

Please do NOT introduce any type of Breed Specific Legislation against Pit Bulls or any other type of dog. Pit Bulls, like all other species, will do what they are trained to do. Without any training at all, how can you possibly blame the dog? Animals, like children, cannot speak for themselves. They must be trained and/or guided. They have to be taught. Most all dogs only want to please their owner.

In addition, how do you determine the BREED of a pit bull? Most people cannot pick out a real PIT BULL in a line-up. Will there be DNA testing to ensure the wrong dog does not get punished? How much will this cost? Who will pay for this? Who is going to enforce this?

After all the Pit Bulls are gone, will we then target Rottweilers? What about Chows? Or Dobermans?
Where do you draw the line? How will you determine a "dangerous dog"? If a Pit Bull has been through training and is NOT a threat, does he then qualify as a "regular" dog? To what extent does the dog owner have to go through in order to satisfy the few citizens that refuse to educate themselves and/or train their dogs?

Breed-specific laws do not work and are mob-mentality. Owning a dog requires responsibility just like having children. We punish people if they abuse children. Why not punish people if they abuse a dog? Why not push for strict laws against animal cruelty? Higher fines and more jail time for animal abusers? More aggressive law-enforcement against dog fighting, or a ban on puppy mills? Why not more education? Spay/Neuter clinics? We should support responsible dog owners instead of punishing them.

Justin's Law appears to be more Big Government "strong-arming" innocent people and responsible dog owners while the uneducated and/or lazy continue with their usual practices.

Thank you for your time!

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