Tell Trump He Must Peacefully Transfer Power if He Loses Re-Election

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Donald Trump has disturbingly refused to commit to “a peaceful transfer of all power” if he should fail to be re-elected (Crowley, Michael, and Neil Vigdor. 2020. "Trump Refuses to Commit to 'A Peaceful Transfer of All Power' After Election." New York Times. September 23).

Trump attempts to justify this refusal by claiming that massive voter fraud will rig the upcoming election against him, but studies and experts have shown that this claim is unsubstantiated (Rutenberg, Jim. 2020. "How President Trump's false claim of voter fraud is being used to disenfranchise Americans." New York Times. September 30). 

A president’s refusal to transfer power is unprecedented (McMurry, Evan, Jordyn Phelps, and Lauren Lantry. 2020. "President Donald Trump declines to commit to peaceful transfer of power: 'There won't be a transfer.'" ABC News. September 23) and experts have warned that it could result in grave, dangerous consequences. For example, right-wing organizations have threatened violence if Trump loses re-election, and Trump’s refusal to transfer power would likely magnify such violence (Haltiwanger, John. 2020. "Trump is normalizing the possibility of violence in the 2020 election." Business Insider. September 16; Bennett, Brian. 2020. "Trump Allies Raise the Prospect of Political Violence Around the Election." Time. September 16). 

Peace and the integrity of the United States’ democracy are far more important than any partisan loyalty or interest. Trump’s peaceful transfer of power, should he lose re-election, is in the interest of all Americans and of people throughout the world affected by the United States’ stability and example. We call for Trump to peacefully transfer all power if he loses re-election and to help prevent violence and turmoil by acknowledging the new president’s legitimacy.

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