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Every year in America we throw away 96 billion pounds of food. That's 263 million pounds a day. 

11 million pounds an hour. 3,000 pounds a second.

This is something that we can change in our lifetime. We imagine a world of empty dumpsters, good food in full bellies, and regular people leading sustainable lives. Send a message to the grocery stores and tell them that you care about the environment, food waste, and hungry people--and they should too!

Letter to
CEO, Trader Joe's Dan Bane
VP Marketing, Trader Joe's Matt Sloan
Public Relations Director, Trader Joe's Allison Mochizuki
The EAT TRASH Campaign to End Food Waste

Trader Joe’s
Attention: Dan Bane, CEO
800 South Shamrock Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016

Dear Dan Bane,

As part of the EAT TRASH Campaign to End Food Waste, I am writing to ask you to take Trader Joe’s to a whole new level as a community grocer. Please initiate a Zero Food Waste corporate-wide policy!

As stated in Trader Joe’s own radio advertisement, “Most things that seem impossible are surprisingly simple”. Ending food waste is not impossible!

Your reluctance to do so shows a disheartening lack of concern for people in need, hunger-related issues, the environment, and the local communities in which Trader Joe’s are located.

Trader Joe’s has a reputation as a caring, healthy, and environmentally friendly store. Please uphold this reputation by making the right decision to become a Zero Food Waste company. The Good Samaritan Act is already in place to legally protect and encourage such policies, so now it only remains a question of ethics and morals. If Trader Joe’s continues to refuse this policy, I will be forced to reconsider where I purchase my food.


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